Public Health Info

Public Health has touched your lives today in countless ways behind the scenes to keep you and your family safe and sound. The Delaware General Health District provides essential services that prevent disease, promote health, and protect Delaware County residents from a variety of illnesses and injuries.

Some of the essential services the health district provides are fee based such as inspection of restaurants, tattoo parlors, swimming pools, and safe water. However, there are many more that are provided without a fee such as communicable disease investigation and follow-up, education to children and youth related to healthy diets, lifestyles, and activity, fall assessments for the elderly. Through the clinic services, prevention programs, environmental health inspections and more, the DGHD staff show a dedication that goes above and beyond their core duties.

This year marks the end of the 10-year public health levy, the existing health levy has been at the same millage (0.7 mills) since 1984. As we all know, the population of the Health District has tripled during that time, which includes close to 170,000 residents that the health department serves. The levy funds represent almost 54 percent of the revenue for the health district; with a cost of $19.20 annually per $100,000 property valuation; the levy is a renewal and will not increase your current taxes.

If you have questions, please call Health Commissioner Shelia Hiddleson at 740-203-2002.