Natural Gas Communication

The village received this email today from Consolidated Cooperative to share with the village, specifically MMC residents. Consolidated is working to provide natural gas service to Ostrander and the village is working to help make it possible. We are all working together to try to make this happen. We hope to set up some public information meetings as early as this summer to get everyone the important details.

Dear Meadows of Mill Creek Residents,

A letter dated March 29, 2019 that Consolidated Cooperative’s president and CEO, Phil Caskey, sent Ostrander mayor, The Honorable Mr. Robert Taylor, referenced the cooperative’s decision to defer plans to extend natural gas to the Ostrander area until next year at the earliest.

The letter to the mayor was shared with the community, and Consolidated is receiving specific questions about timing. We hope the information in this email will help alleviate any confusion and clarify that Consolidated Cooperative plans to evaluate the gas line extension at some still-undefined point in 2020. At the appropriate time the co-op will determine whether it’s feasible to proceed with the gas extension and the best timing for the extension, if so.

Please know that we are doing everything we reasonably can to bring natural gas to the area, and the cooperative will keep you apprised as plans progress.

Best regards,

Pam Hawk
Chief Human Resources Officer