Fiber Internet Update

Consolidated Cooperative is committed to bringing ultra high speed internet to the Ostrander area. But they also need a commitment from you. Visit for more information and to sign up. They need people to commit to the service to bring it to the area. This is a faster, more reliable internet service than any local service or even any service in the surrounding areas including Delaware, Marysville and Dublin. This upgraded service is offered at similar costs to what most people are currently paying.

When you visit the site, the original village of Ostrander is not included in the service area on the map, but it is our understanding that since they will be bringing natural gas to the village, they will bring the fiber service as well. But they need your help! Tell you neighbors and friends to visit the site and sign up for service. Consolidated would like to have the service up and running as early as this summer. Some additional FAQs can be found here