Do Not Flush…

As people are looking for alternatives to toilet paper, we have a request from your local sewer plant in Ostrander…please, please, please DO NOT flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper or FLUSHABLE wipes. Do not flush paper towels, tissues,  baby wipes, towels, or anything else unless they are categorized as “flushable”. Flushing any of these items could clog your own sewer lines and could also cause damage or clogging of the sewer plant. Please find an alternative method to dispose of those items other than flushing. This request is true for any time but in these times of spending a lot of time at home, we need everyone’s cooperation in keeping the sewer plant up and functioning property.

flushable wipes are not ideal either…just because it says you can flush it….does not mean you should…watch here

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Help your neighbors.
Mayor Bob