Delaware County Recorder issues warning

Delaware County Recorder issues warning!
For Immediate Release, August 8, 2012
For more information, contact Melissa Jordan at or (740) 833-2460

County Recorder Melissa Jordan warns residents about an unnecessary and expensive solicitation letter. Several local residents have contacted Delaware County Recorder Melissa Jordan concerned about a solicitation letter from a company referring to themselves as a “Local Records Office” in Columbus, Ohio. The company is offering to obtain a copy of the person’s property deed for an $89.00 fee. The mailing appears as if it was from an official government records office.

“I believe the wording of the letter is misleading. It could imply that a property owner would need to pay up to $89.00 for a copy of their deed at the Recorder’s Office. Anyone can obtain uncertified copies of a deed from the Recorder’s Office for $.05 per page. Certified copies are $2.00 per page, plus a $2.00 certification fee. Most deeds are about three pages long. Any deed recorded after 1990 can be viewed and printed free from the Recorder’s website at,” says Recorder Melissa Jordan.

“These types of solicitations are not new, but it is important to remind the public they have access to their property information directly from our office, either in person or over the internet. Please remember that once a property owner files a deed in the Recorder’s Office it is a permanent record of ownership. This filing protects the owner’s property rights. It makes no difference whether the property owner has a physical copy or original deed in their possession. The rights of ownership of that parcel are safe and secure.” Recorder Jordan added. The Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is reviewing the solicitation letter. Please call the Recorder’s Office for further information or assistance at (740) 833-2460. The Recorder’s public website is located at The Recorder’s Office is located at 140 North Sandusky Street, Delaware, Ohio on the first floor of the building. The office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.