A Statement on Growth

We all love our little village just as it is, but the secret is out about Southwest Delaware County and Ostrander, in particular – great schools, low taxes, and great neighbors. Therefore, growth is coming. We cannot stop the growth and we cannot prohibit or stop property owners from selling their properties to home builders and developers. It is sad to see the farmland go away and be replaced by homes and businesses but it is the right of the property owners to sell.
As a village, we cannot stop growth. What we can do is to try to control it in order to attempt to get the type of growth we want. As it stands, anyone can buy property in the Ostrander area and build essentially anything they want within the Scioto Township less-restrictive zoning requirements. Developers and home owners want to connect to sewer which is more efficient and better for the environment. Therefore, the village works with the developers to incorporate the properties into the village and to develop zoning and deed restrictions in cooperation with the developer. We attempt to get the types of products that are both in demand and will service our community. We have been working with the Delaware County Department of Economic Development to develop a growth plan. Moving forward, these types of properties we are planning to offer:
  • Commercial – providing services to our residents
  • Multi-family units – providing housing options for young adults and families; keeping our young adults in Ostrander rather than moving away
  • Condominium units – providing the next step in home ownership
  • Single Family Homes – traditional living for families
  • Patio Homes – maintenance-free living for the aging population and young professionals
I realize some of the life-long and long-time residents do not embrace these changes. However, like I stated earlier – the growth is coming, we just need to try to control the type of growth that comes. As residents, your input on these decisions is always welcome and you can express your visions and opinions at our Planning & Zoning meetings monthly on the second Thursday or our regular council meetings monthly on the first Tuesday. I assure you that council and I are both working to keep Ostrander a great place to live and to be the best it can be!
Robert Taylor