Plowing Update

1/17/22 6:20 pm

Unfortunately we had equipment issues today that prevented salt application on most roads in the Village. Scioto Township will be supporting us with salting tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Snow Priority Routes

As we face the first major storm of the winter, please reference the snow plowing priority routes below.

Additionally, for the past several years, the Village of Ostrander has had an agreement with Scioto Township to support with plowing and salting as required and on an on call basis. In 2022, we also added a support contract with Zig Zag lawn care, also on an on call basis. The Village of Ostrander employs part time maintence personnel and has 1 plow truck in its livery. The Village has added these multiple redundancies to ensure we can provide safe travel during large snowfalls, prolonged snow events, and in the event of equipment failure. You may see these other trucks in the village as required.

SChool Demolition Notice

In October of 2021 the BVLSD informed the Village that the offer to save a portion of the school building was being revoked. Following this presentation to Ostrander council, the BVLSD accepted a bid to demolish the old BV West building in December 2021. The Village of Ostrander has received notice that abatement work will start on Monday 1/17/22. As demolition progresses we will continue to provide updates as we receive them. The following is the approved demolition traffic plan.

Proclamation for Gwen Stayner Mansfield

Gwen Stayner Mansfield concluded her term as Village Council Member on December 31st and was presented a Proclamation by the Village of Ostrander for her service. Gwen has generously served the village as a council member and Mayor over multiple terms in the past. Thank you Gwen for your contributions to the Village of Ostrander!

January Council Meeting

The January 4th Council meeting will begin officially @ 6:30pm for the purpose of allowing council to go into executive session to discuss candidates for the open council position. Council will conclude executive session and the regular meeting will resume at 7pm as originally scheduled.